Lost Dogs

What to do if you find or lose a pet

Phone the council rangers to find out if your missing pet has been picked up or reported to them, or alternatively, to see if anyone has been enquiring about the missing pet you have found.

  • Byron Rangers : 66267107
  • Byron Council : 66267000
  • Ballina Ranger : 66861210
  • Lismore Ranger : 1300 878 387

You have 14 days to claim an animal from the council pound from the day of impoundment if the animal is chipped, but ONLY 7 days if it is not chipped. Dogs that remain unclaimed after that time can be rehomed by the rangers, or signed over to CAWI (or another rescue organisation) for rehoming.


  • Contact a local vet: If you have lost a pet, phone local vets as pets are sometimes taken to the vets by a member of the public to see if they are microchipped. If you have found a pet, take it to a vets as soon as possible – they may be able to find a microchip and trace the owner that way, which saves a lot of time and grief.
  • You can ask us to post details of lost and found pets on this page – we need a photo, location of lost/found animal and your contact details. Please let us know as soon as the situation is resolved so that we can remove the listing.
  • Put up notices in the area where you lost/found the pet with clear phone numbers for contact and a description and/or a photo of the animal.
  • Ring Bay FM (66807999) or your local radio station and ask them to put a community announcement  over. Many a pet has been reunited through this instant media avenue.
  • Put an advert in the local papers.

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