Foster Caring

This is one of the most important ways you can help CAWI. CAWI couldn’t save dogs were it not for volunteer foster carers who look after the dogs in their own homes until they are adopted. CAWI is often contacted for help at short notice, but it needs to find a suitable foster home before it can take a dog in, so it’s essential to have a list of volunteers to call on. The more foster carers CAWI has on its database, the better the chances of being able to contact a suitable one in time to rescue a dog. If you love having a pooch around but cannot commit to full time dog ownership, fostering is a win-win solution for you and the dog. Whilst it helps if you can be flexible, CAWI will do its best to match a dog up with your requirements and circumstances.

CAWI pays for all veterinary costs, food and bedding. All you have to provide is:

Cuddles (lots of them)
Walking (think of how fit you will become)
Positive reassurance (definitely)
Love (dogs love to be loved)
A fenced back yard or courtyard

Contact us or click here for  Foster Carer Application Form if you are interested in providing a temporary haven for a homeless dog.


We at CAWI are working overtime at the moment. Momentum is mounting with building planning meetings now a regular event. We want to use our limited funds wisely so are diligently researching all avenues before submitting a DA to council for the CAWI ADOPTION AND TRAINING CENTRE. What we do need help with at this stage is FUNDRAISING. Are YOU interested in helping commit to a fundraising role at CAWI? Submissions for grants, building donor loyalty and raising CAWI’s profile are all vital issues at this point in our planning process. Experience in this area not essential (but would be an advantage), just a high amount of enthusiasm for reaching our goal. If you are interested in becoming part of a team that gets things done, please contact us via to submit your application for this volunteer position.

Shop volunteers

The shifts at the op-shops in Brunswick Heads are 3-4 hours long and are morning or afternoon.

Admin Volunteers

We badly need a fund-raiser. We are looking for someone who has a some money making ideas and just as importantly, also has the drive and determination to bring those ideas to fruition. It’s a tall order we know, and a lot to ask, especially of a volunteer, but if you have experience in this area and you’d like to be really really useful, this is the way to do it!

Please call the Op Shop on 66851444 if you can help.

Crafty Business

CAWI reaps the rewards of enterprising members of the public that love to make things to sell in the CAWI Op Shop.

We are regularly given –

Beautiful potted and tenderly raised plants.

Dog leads made from recycled fabric plaited.

Incredibly comfy doggy beds made from recycled foam mattresses and beautifully covered.

Lovingly painted water colours.

Home made Doggy soap.

Absolutely fantastic home made dog coats

If you have a special interest and talent and you would like to help fund raise please come and see us at the Op Shop or send us an email.
We love community volunteers

Dog Transport

Sometimes CAWI needs a dog picked up and taken to a carers or the vets. It doesn’t happen that often but it is good to have a few names on our list to call on when it does.

Click here for CAWI contact details