steve with son and daugter

Are you ready to own a pet?

When a dog becomes part of your life it is like part of your family. We worry about them, laugh with them, rely on them and like to brag about them. They are terrific company, and can be really good for our mental and physical health.


There are lots of things we can do to make life with our dog even more enjoyable.


Here is a checklist of things to consider before making a commitment:

  • An animal is for keeps, and may live a long life.
  • Will your home and lifestyle accommodate a pet?
  • Fencing for dogs is important.
  • Are you away for long periods of time?
  • Does anyone in your family have allergies?
  • Animals like a regular schedule; if you lead an erratic and busy life you probably won’t have time for a pet.
  • Do you have time to take a dog to training? – Dogs and humans are a lot happier if time is taken for training.
  • Are you financially able to pay for worming, vaccinating, food and annual vet checks?
  • Are you prepared for holidays if you owned a pet?
  • Are your children the right age? – Very young children demand a lot of time and attention.
  • Can you spend dog socialising your dog with other dogs at the beach or park?
  • Do you have young grandchildren visit or other young visitors?
  • Pets can teach children about responsibility and caring.


A dog’s temperament is a direct result of the owners ability to understand him and give him what he instinctually needs as a canine animal. Lots of good advice is to be found on this website before you take the plunge and adopting a pet.