Dog Tips

Check for dangers at home

  • Are there any holes in the fence where they can get out? A dog tag is essential with at least your phone number on it, in case your dog runs off.
  • Snail bait, rat poison, cockroach baits or other poisons are deadly to dogs as well as humans.
  • Dogs drown in swimming pools too, if they can’t get out! Take them in the pool with you and show them how to get out.
  • Electrical cords lying on the floor or hanging down low. Puppies find them irresistible.
  • Some of your garden plants may be poisonous, or cause irritation to dogs (e.g. Wandering Jew)
  • Cane toads are poisonous, they can spray dogs and make them very sick and if the dog bites a cane toad, they may need emergency veterinary care. (See Is My Dog Sick for how to recognise and deal with cane toad poisoning)
  • Watch out for snakes as they will cost you money and may cost the life of your dog.
  • Check dogs every day for ticks. An undetected tick can have serious consequences for your dog and cost you up to $1,000 at the vet. (See Is My Dog Sick for how to recognise and deal with tick poisoning)


Careful what you feed them

(See also Feeding Your Dog )


Do not feed puppies or dogs,

  • Chocolate
  • Anything with onions, leeks or spices
  • Grapes, sultanas or raisins

Any of these can cause different degrees of illness and even death.


Do not feed puppies bottled milk as regular use will cause diarrhoea. Puppy milk is available from the supermarket as well as canned puppy food.


Do not feed dogs cooked bones. All bones should be raw.



  • Look after your dog’s health with annual vet checks and vaccinations (it’s a good idea to not put the puppy on the ground outside until at least 2 weeks after they have been vaccinated, as they are very vulnerable to disease).
  • Protect your dog against parasites by ongoing use of preventative measures.
  • Always check that the dog is out of the way when driving or reversing out of the driveway.
  • Don’t leave dogs in a hot car even with the windows part of the way down, always keep water in the car for the dog and always be sure to park the car in the shade and leave the windows open. Dogs, especially puppies, can die in a hot car in less than 15 minutes. If you don’t like the idea of leaving the car unlocked, then leave the dog at home always being sure to leave an adequate supply of water and plenty of shade (remember that the sun will change direction later).
  • Best not to take them to the beach or for walks in the heat of the day; early morning or dusk is better.