CAWI’s Dog Tales

Sometimes CAWI hears interesting stories about how some of the dogs it has rescued are getting on in their new lives, and occasionally CAWI itself has a story to tell. Some of those stories find their way onto this page.



Bella’s new owner, Cheryl, who adopted Bella in June 2017, is over the moon to have this happy loving dog in her life. However, it’s not all been smooth sailing to get to this point.
Bella was first advertised for adoption a couple of months earlier, but at the time Cheryl was about to head overseas on a trip with her son. She thought this could be the dog for her, especially as her late husband, who passed unexpectedly only a few months before, had always wanted a black lab. However, with travel plans approaching, it was not the right time.
Bella was then adopted to another lovely couple. Everything seemed to be going well in her new home until new behaviours started appearing (such as on-lead aggression towards other dogs) which meant she couldn’t live out her new life happily in town. As a result, Bella was back up for adoption.
On return from their holiday, Cheryl was amazed to see that Bella was available for adoption again! She quickly contacted CAWI and organised for Bella to go a trial in her home. This trial became permanent almost instantly and Bella has been living the good life on a large property ever since, with another doggie friend to get up to mischief with! Bella brings so much joy and comfort to Cheryl, with her kind and loving nature, and we are sure Bella feels the same way.

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Hero’s great ending

Hero came into our care a few years ago and has had a few health issues along the way. He was nursed back to health by his foster carers but still has issues with arthritis, which at 9 years old is not all that surprising! He was finally adopted end of last year by a lovely older couple who have always had german shepherds but have been without a dog for sometime.  Even so, they used to visit the dog park daily to watch the other dogs to get their fix before finding Hero and bringing him into their home. He settled in very quickly and the new owners were smitten with him immediately.


Hero watching TV with new owner