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CAWI is NOT involved in a private adoption apart from providing this advertising space. Enquiries should be directed to the dog’s owner (contact details in Stats table at end of each ad). Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions regarding the dog’s behaviour, personality, annoying habits etc. If possible, take the dog on a trial period before you commit to ownership. We also recommend that you ask for permission to contact the dog’s vet to enquire about its health.
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Private Adoption

It is with broken hearts that we are offering our beloved girl, Asha for adoption.

Asha is a wonderful 2 year old mastiff/staffy cross who we rescued at 3 months old. Around the home Asha is a delight. She is very loving, loyal and affectionate with whoever gains her trust. She will happily spend hours on end curled up on her doggy bed in the living room and is very relaxed and well-behaved. She is fully house-trained and obeys all basic commands. She is also desexed and fully up to date with all vaccinations and health checks.

We would love dearly to keep beautiful Asha but the catch is that she is not good with children and we now have a 4 month old baby. Asha is gentle and loving with our baby, but seems scared of toddlers and barks at them. Asha needs to go to a no-children situation with an owner that knows how to handle a dog assertively. Asha is incredibly loyal and genuinely only wants to please her owners. She will do absolutely anything for food/treats.

We are in no rush to re-home Asha and will be waiting until the right person and the right situation comes along. We want only the best for our girl and we know that she will make the right person so happy with her sweet, loyal and affectionate nature. We are also happy to offer Asha on a trial basis to see if she is the right fit for you.

Name : Asha

Breed: Mastiff X Staffy

Age : 2

Sex: Female

Weight: 24kg

Desexed: yes

Microchipped: yes

Vaccinated: yes

Wormed :  yes

Cat Friendly : no

Dog Friendly: Dogs of same size yes

Child Friendly : No

Fence type required : 5-6ft

Location : Gold Coast 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more pictures, info or to arrange to meet Asha.

Carla: 0422 433 159 or email:


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