Pound Dogs

All of these dogs are in a local pound, and are deemed rehomable. CAWI simply doesn’t have the resources to get them all out. If you adopt one of these dogs, you really are rescuing a dog in the MOST literal sense of the word. You should contact the pound directly – contact details are in each dog’s post.
CASINO POUND also has a website


This 9 year old female Border Collie x Wolfhound needs a new home for her retirement years. She is currently with Casino Pound to be rehomed.
She is desexed microchipped and registered.
She is an inside dog who is good with other dogs and children but not with cats. She likes to have company but is ok on her own for short periods of time. If she is left too long she can get lonely and may bark to call out for her people, but this does not happen every time she is left. She was hit by a car a few years back, breaking a leg, and got full vet treatment for this at the time. She is showing no signs of any ongoing effects now, and still loves chasing her ball!
If you can give this lovely girl a home, please contact Louise at Casino Pound onĀ 6662 6905.