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Occasionally we like to post follow-ups of dogs that have recently been adopted and settled into a new home. Perhaps you’ll see some of the dogs that were previously listed for adoption.

If you’re a sucker for a happy ending, have a look at CAWI’S DOG TALES – you’ll see some heart-warming stories.



Update: Pebbles has found a home!

Pebbles is a 1 year old Koolie x with a lot of love to give! She was rescued from the pound after being found wandering on the streets. She has a very friendly nature and is great with people and dogs. She needs a bit of training to learn the basic commands, but she thrives on attention from her human so will respond quickly to learning new skills. She loves playing with other dogs at home or at the beach, and enjoys exploring every inch of her environment from the backyard to the kitchen counter! She would do well in a family who can give her plenty of attention and social time with other dogs, either at home or out at the dog park or beach. If you are interested in adopting Pebbles, please contact Megan on 0458461935.



UPDATE: Wattle has been adopted.

Wattle is a 9 week old Border Collie puppy with lots of love to share, energy to burn and kisses to give! She is a mini bundle of joy who will quickly grow into a wonderful companion – with the help of a loving home and lots of training of course! She is already very responsive to training and is constantly checking in with her human to make sure she’s doing it right (whatever it may be). She sleeps well overnight and saves all her energy for daytime activities, so will need plenty of exercise and stimulation as she grows.

If you are interested in meeting and adopting Wattle, please complete an Adoption Application form by scrolling down at www.cawi.org.au/contact-us/ or you can pick one up from our Op Shop in Brunswick Heads. Please return forms by email to cawidogs@hotmail.com or in person at our Op Shop. Applications will be processed and enquiries responded to starting Friday 23rd June.

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Willow is now adopted!

Willow is a gorgeous 8 month old Ridgeback/Mastiff x. She is friendly, energetic and loves people! She would also like to spend more time with other dogs to run and play while learning the doggy rules. Having been found as a stray and spending a few weeks in the pound, she gets a little anxious about being left alone, so will need some training to help her feel more comfortable when left for short periods of time. She loves her food, which will be a useful tool for training – she hasn’t yet learnt many basic commands but is eager to please. She would love to join a family that she can spend lots of time with and go on exciting trips to the beach or walks in the forest. She is a beautiful, loving young girl who wants nothing more than to find her forever home. If you are interested in adopting Willow, please contact Megan on 0458461935.

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willow 3
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