Homed Dogs

Occasionally we like to post follow-ups of dogs that have recently been adopted and settled into a new home. Perhaps you’ll see some of the dogs that were previously listed for adoption.

If you’re a sucker for a happy ending, have a look at CAWI’S DOG TALES – you’ll see some heart-warming stories.




Bronson update
Jake, a young man wanting a loyal companion, met handsome boy Bronson last weekend & found him “beautiful”. Today, a very happy Bronson, jumped into proud new papa Jake’s 4×4 & headed to his new home for his 3 week trial adoption.
Good on you Jake & all the best to you Bronson.



Calling all STAFFY LOVERS:

Meet handsome boy Bronson, a 7-year-old de-sexed pedigree English Staffordshire Terrier. 

Bronson will make a devoted, warm-hearted, affectionate companion for someone, or a family with children. He is more than happy to hang at home, loves pats & cuddles but also gets excited by a good walk or run-around. 

He needs to be leashed on walks at the moment because  he loves chasing bush turkeys, cats, anything that moves really & is lacking in doggy social skills. He does know & responds well to basic commands. 

Presently, with his foster carer, he’s undergoing some intensive training & socialisation with other dogs & a variety of farm animals & is responding really well. 

Adoption fee $300.

Please phone Shell from CAWI on 0458461935 if you’d like to meet Bronson.




Ruby was transferred into CAWI’s care from the pound. So chilled & sweet was Ruby, that it was hard to pry her free from her awesome foster carers, who fell head over.
Today however, Ruby was lovingly transported to her new rural home with Roz & family & new playmates; the Foxie x Border Collie & 4 cats. Happy days Ruby Tuesday!




GOLDIE on 3 week trial Adoption:

Hallelujah!! CAWI’s golden-girl, heart-throb, delightful-darling, met David yesterday who had driven up from Sydney to meet 2 Northern River’s rescue dogs. He & his highly energetic Boxer Moses, fell for Goldie, who in turn nearly jumped straight into David’s arms. 

David’s place in Sydney has a yard designed for Goldie with 8ft fences where she & Moses can play exultantly & unbounded. The happy trio drove away today, headed back to Sydney. 

We’ll miss you Goldie! Have fun, be good! Humongous & eternal thanks to everyone involved in Goldies rescue, care & promotion – she has certainly landed on her paws!   



A young couple happened upon Goldie one day; tied up, under-loved & under-nourished. They asked the owner if they could walk Goldie, who said yes, take her, we don’t want her. Unable to keep 2 dogs, the couple had to surrender Goldie into CAWI’s care.

Goldie, a 1½-year-old de-sexed female Staffy x Lab is indeed the most happy loving gentle & agile bruiser of a girl, who can hurdle any height enclosure with ease, but who woos all those who meet her.

Goldie needs a constant companion (human or canine) & someone willing to put some time into training and exercise. She loves the beach and is exceptional with other dogs and children.

She has the loveliest of temperaments but requires exhilaration & play to satiate her vitality & curiosity.

Please call Shell from CAWI on 0458461935 for a meet-up with this adorable girl.