Homed Dogs

Occasionally we like to post follow-ups of dogs that have recently been adopted and settled into a new home. Perhaps you’ll see some of the dogs that were previously listed for adoption.

If you’re a sucker for a happy ending, have a look at CAWI’S DOG TALES – you’ll see some heart-warming stories.



Mellow massive Missy, a 5-year-old Australian Kelpie x Border Collie, lived with Oscar, who was adopted last Monday; their mum suffered a stroke and had to go live in an aged-care-home.
Foster carer Hannah, family & their jewel of a dog Jake opened their hearts & home to Missy for a week. (Missy’s new adoptive family were moving house & didn’t want to subject Missy to any disruptive vibes).
Today, Missy headed to her new family (Mum & two daughters) who fell in love with the big darling & are keen to provide the cuddles, exercise & nutritional diet that will ensure Missy loses 12kgs in weight (as advised by the vet).
Happy days sweet Missy – can’t wait to see you looking trim taut & terrific in a few months time!
Many thanks to everyone involved in Missy’s care & transition 💓




OSCAR the 7-year-old Shih Tzu x Maltese:

Poor little Oscar’s mum, suffered a stroke recently, and subsequently had to move into an aged-care-home. 

Oscar’s sad little face finally lit up today, as he raced up the stairs to his new mum and home. 

His brand new buddy Bear, the 4-year-old Lhasa Apso rescue dog, showed him around the enchanting garden, and all became well in his world again. 

Oscar’s previous mum is so happy for him too. Enjoy sweet boy! 




Scott did his best to provide Chloe with a caring, adventuresome lifestyle, but Chloe had adjusted to farm-life with her foster-carer Rick inevitably well, growing into her instinctive nature as a livestock guardian. She missed this role and it became obvious to Scott that she needed a job…
Enter Peter – eccentric goat farmer extraordinaire. Peter’s farm of award-winning goats, cattle, horses, peacocks & animal-orphans requiring his care, was under attack by marauding wild dogs – he needed a deterrent.
Enter Byron Dog Rescue and Chloe – Anatolian Shepherd extraordinaire.
Three weeks ago; Scott, myself (Shell – BDR) & Lissie Furry Dogmother drove across the rugged range to introduce Chloe to Peter & Biddy (Peter’s Kelpie x Border Collie). Their heart-warming magnetic connection was instant. Chloe made the decision to stay.
Peter has since reported regularly of Chloe’s status as “angel” and commendable livestock, property and person guardian. She patrols the farm methodically, stops at the house for cool-time snoozes, interluded with spirited play-time stints with Biddy. Then, when required, and with her speed, strength and agility she chases off any unwanted canine intruders.
After a visit to the farm this week, I can safely and thankfully say that courageous captivating Chloe has found her place. So many thanks go to everyone involved in Chloe’s re-homing journey – it’s been a thoroughly wholesome whimsical & worthwhile adventure 💛🐕🐈🐐🐂💛🐚



Great news for our regal Anatolian Shepherd,  Chloe the colossal, who has finally met her next best-buddy in Scott. 

It was love at first sight with Chloe waltzing over to Scott and sitting her enormous frame at his feet (and against 1/2 of his torso 😀)

Scott offers Chloe best mate-ship, a rural property & surrounds to investigate, beach visits and ongoing fine-tuning of lifestyle & environs to suit Chloe’s needs. 

Thanks Scott! 

And colossal thanks to Rick, Chloe’s foster carer, who helped Chloe realise her full-self – learning to integrate with farm life and all the wonderful critters she assimilated with, played with and ended up caring for 🐈🐓🐐🐄🐖💛



Meet Chloe, a stunning 2-year-old female desexed Anatolian Shepherd.

Chloe’s family, which included 2 young children, have been reassigned overseas for work. Chloe needs a new home where she will bond closely with her owner(s) & be very loyal & affectionate. 

Anatolian Shepherds are intelligent but independent, require an assertive leader, endure both hot & cold weather extremes, are great at guarding/bonding with flock livestock, never over-eat & are proud & dependable without aggression. 

Chloe enjoys & will need at least one good walk a day. 

If you would like to enquire further about this regal girl, please phone Shell at CAWI on 0458461935