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CAWI ADOPTION  LOLLIES: Originally rescued from the pound, Lollie’s rescue family are now devastated that they’re unable to take her with them to Victoria (due to a family medical crisis).  Lollies is an absolute sweetie who loves people, [...]



LUNA’s ADOPTION UPDATE Remember little Luna angel who was abandoned at South Golden Beach? Well her journey took a couple more turns….. She got to enjoy a Boxing Day road trip with foster carer Hannah to her prospective [...]



MILLY ADOPTION UPDATE Since dodging the dreaded bullet,  gorgeous little Milly has had quite an adventure for her young life. Enjoying time and love with her rescuers, then her CAWI foster carers, to meeting wonderful prospective new adopters.... Milly [...]



MISSY ADOPTION UPDATE: Mellow massive Missy, a 5-year-old Australian Kelpie x Border Collie, lived with Oscar, who was adopted last Monday; their mum suffered a stroke and had to go live in an aged-care-home. Foster carer Hannah, family & [...]



CAWI ADOPTION UPDATE OSCAR the 7-year-old Shih Tzu x Maltese: Poor little Oscar's mum, suffered a stroke recently, and subsequently had to move into an aged-care-home.  Oscar's sad little face finally lit up today, as he raced up the [...]



CHLOE ADOPTION UPDATE, UPDATE Scott did his best to provide Chloe with a caring, adventuresome lifestyle, but Chloe had adjusted to farm-life with her foster-carer Rick inevitably well, growing into her instinctive nature as a livestock guardian. She missed [...]



Sashi Adoption Update: Gorgeous elegant Sashi, the 4-year-old red & white Border Collie, has enjoyed a momentous makeover while in CAWI's care. She arrived on heat, having already birthed several pup-litters in her short life. Once off heat, she [...]



Bronson update Jake, a young man wanting a loyal companion, met handsome boy Bronson last weekend & found him "beautiful". Today, a very happy Bronson, jumped into proud new papa Jake's 4x4 & headed to his new home for [...]



Ruby was transferred into CAWI's care from the pound. So chilled & sweet was Ruby, that it was hard to pry her free from her awesome foster carers, who fell head over. Today however, Ruby was lovingly transported to [...]



UPDATE GOLDIE on 3 week trial Adoption: Hallelujah!! CAWI's golden-girl, heart-throb, delightful-darling, met David yesterday who had driven up from Sydney to meet 2 Northern River's rescue dogs. He & his highly energetic Boxer Moses, fell for Goldie, who [...]

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