Homed Dogs

Occasionally we like to post follow-ups of dogs that have recently been adopted and settled into a new home. Perhaps you’ll see some of the dogs that were previously listed for adoption.

If you’re a sucker for a happy ending, have a look at CAWI’S DOG TALES – you’ll see some heart-warming stories.





Since dodging the dreaded bullet,  gorgeous little Milly has had quite an adventure for her young life.
Enjoying time and love with her rescuers, then her CAWI foster carers, to meeting wonderful prospective new adopters…. Milly met her perfect match in Michelle & cattle dog Storm last Thursday night and was adopted on Friday by Michelle, who was holidaying in Byron, before heading back to her 8 acre farm in Brisbane where Milly will not only enjoy romping around with Storm, but will also be trained in sheep herding.
Michelle’s 2 boys “love her to bits, she & Storm are great mates, she’s learning her manners nicely – she’s great! – thanks so much for letting her come to us”.
Nicely done Milly!
And so much gratitude to everyone involved in your journey to joy 💛



MILLY – Our latest rescue pup:

4 – 6 month old Milly, a Kelpie / Cattle / Border Collie x, was rescued from a bullet.

She’s used to farm life, good with other dogs, sweet as pie & a bundle of joyful energy. 

Yesterday, she travelled all the way down steep windy St Helena Rd to her CAWI foster carer, with her chin resting on my shoulder 😍

Like to meet her? Give Shell from Byron Dog Rescue a call on 0458461935



  • Remember little Luna angel who was abandoned at South Golden Beach?Well her journey took a couple more turns…..

    She got to enjoy a Boxing Day road trip with foster carer Hannah to her prospective adopters in Queensland.

    By the end of the weekend however, the family cat said, “NO!!!!

    Wow, fun weekend, said Luna, returning home with Hannah to safety & security.

    The following weekend, Luna met Annie, and her German/Belgium Shepherd – Pippa. They all enjoyed a great meet-up – tonnes of fun, said Luna.

    On Tuesday, Luna had a huge day – she was spayed and picked up by lovely Annie who drove her to her new forever home at Critta Creek with new best friend Pippa (the German/Belgium Shepherd), Boxer the benevolent cat, resident parakeet and a herd of Alpacas.

    Annie reports that Luna is fitting in fantastically, is healing well from her Op and even gets to sleep in her very own bed next to Annie.

    What a loved-up, cared-for journey Luna has experienced – boundless gratitude to everyone involved in her fairy-tale adventures 💛🐚

    (More photos of Luna & Pippa to follow soon)

  • B12D6E3B-2FB6-40C0-88EC-2BE61C515798

10-12 month old Kelpie x

Check out this little “angel’s” journey…. found abandoned at South Golden Beach, no collar/name tag, no microchip, hungry and dehydrated…. little Luna had been sneaking into a resident’s laundry at night for shelter and rest.

A caring couple took her in, fed and hydrated her, fell in love, but due to rental pet restrictions had to surrender her to the pound. Unclaimed, Luna came into the care of Byron Dog Rescue (CAWI) where she found herself safe and secure with foster carer Hannah and family (and of course Jake, their most chilled and gracious family dog).

Members of the family saw photos of sweet-natured Luna and learnt about her heart-rending journey and her enthusiastic aspirations to please and be loved. Like everyone who met dear little Luna, they too became enamoured.

Luna journeyed to her 3-week-trial-adoption home/family in Queensland on Boxing Day, where she will enjoy her new young playmate, plenty of exercise and a huge fenced yard to frolic in.

HAPPY ENDINGS  🎶 That’s the way ha huh ha huh we like it!  😃🎄💛





Today was Lollies birthday, and what a brilliant birthday it was!! 🎈🎉🎈

Lollies (now Luna) met Terri over 4 weeks ago and it was love at first sight for both of them. Terri was all set to adopt Lollies, when suddenly Terri became very ill and was hospitalised. Thankfully she recovered quickly and the love-birds were re-united – they decided to take things slowly and have been enjoying play-dates for the last 3 weeks. 

Today, Terri officially adopted loveable Lollies (Luna) and we are so delighted for the pair of them. Terri says she’s convinced her and Luna have been connected in a previous life – well, they sure look good & happy together in this one – congratulations Attachment.png and all the best! 💞

Grazie molto to Paola (and Michela), Lollies foster carers, for providing her with such a loving, caring, fun home for over 6 weeks 💛💛🐚



LOLLIES: Originally rescued from the pound, Lollie’s rescue family are now devastated that they’re unable to take her with them to Victoria (due to a family medical crisis). 

Lollies is an absolute sweetie who loves people, children (very protective of), other dogs and has lived with a cat. She is nearly 3 years old, desexed and naturally well-behaved. 

She is small for an Australian Kelpie x Cattle (possibly Foxy x) Dog – possibly the runt of the litter. 

Lollies would make an adorable, affectionate, playful family dog and would also enjoy the company of a doggy playmate. 

Please phone Shell from CAWI on 0458461935 if you would like to meet sweet Lollies.