CAWI Adoption fees: CAWI charges adoption fees to help cover the costs we have spent on the dog. Every CAWI dog is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, plus up to date with parasite prevention. Our fees for adoption are $300 for an adult dog, $350 for a puppy and $200 for a mature age dog.
CAWI takes pride in matching dogs with the right homes. We can advise on the dogs’ suitability as we have the insight gained by our foster carers. In addition, there is a 3 week trial and cooling off period for you and the dog – if things aren’t working out CAWI will take the dog back. We don’t want any mistakes for you or the dog.
The dogs on this page are CAWI rescue dogs. Some non-CAWI dogs that are looking for new homes are advertised on the PRIVATE ADS page.
Pounds often have nice dogs – there are some choice candidates advertised ON THIS PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE. It’s also worth contacting your local pound.




Meet Chloe, a stunning 2-year-old female desexed Anatolian Shepherd.

Chloe’s family, which included 2 young children, have been reassigned overseas for work. Chloe needs a new home where she will bond closely with her owner(s) & be very loyal & affectionate. 

Anatolian Shepherds are intelligent but independent, require an assertive leader, endure both hot & cold weather extremes, are great at guarding/bonding with flock livestock, never over-eat & are proud & dependable without aggression. 

Chloe enjoys & will need at least one good walk a day. 

If you would like to enquire further about this regal girl, please phone Shell at CAWI on 0458461935



Yes, I’m looking at you. Yes, YOU! …
My ideal new companion.
You have a family? Fine, I’m down with that.
You have another dog? Kool, I love to play.
You want to continue my training? Perfect, I love that stuff.
Whoa! Don’t take your attention off me
Ring Shell NOW… 0458461935


Meet Coco, a purebred beautiful glamour-coat German Shepherd de-sexed female 9-month-old puppy.

Very friendly and sociable with other dogs – male and female, good with adults and children. She is highly intelligent, motivated and a super quick learner.

Coco needs a home with a high level of commitment to continue her training and socialisation for up to 18 months with ongoing exercise.

She is needy, requiring attention with both mental and physical stimulation. She loves being part of a family/pack.  Someone prepared to commit to all the above and give her what she needs will be rewarded with an exceptional dog and reliable friend who would enjoy competitive obedience or agility.

She is not a lounge around the house type as she is a highly active breed. She is not suitable for someone with little or no experience in dog care and training. Being a long-haired GSD, she will need regular grooming.

If you fit Coco’s prerequisites and would like to meet her, please call Shell from CAWI on 0458461935. $550 adoption fee applies.