CAWI Adoption fees: CAWI charges adoption fees to help cover the costs we have spent on the dog. Every CAWI dog is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, plus up to date with parasite prevention. Our fees for adoption are $300 for an adult dog, $350 for a puppy and $200 for a mature age dog.
CAWI takes pride in matching dogs with the right homes. We can advise on the dogs’ suitability as we have the insight gained by our foster carers. In addition, there is a 3 week trial and cooling off period for you and the dog – if things aren’t working out CAWI will take the dog back. We don’t want any mistakes for you or the dog.
The dogs on this page are CAWI rescue dogs. Some non-CAWI dogs that are looking for new homes are advertised on the PRIVATE ADS page.
Pounds often have nice dogs – there are some choice candidates advertised ON THIS PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE. It’s also worth contacting your local pound.





Introducing ​Rusty a desexed 2yr old male purebred Aust. cattle dog. He was rescued by a kindly couple down Lismore way.

Rusty was in a neglected and malnourished state and tied up in a shed with a heavy, tight chain around his neck.

He is now in the care of CAWI and thanks to his lovely carer he has now put on weight. Rusty is a very handsome boy indeed! He badly needs training! He gets excited around other dogs and takes a while to calm down. CAWI in now working on his problems.

Rusty wants to please and be close to people. He most likely would suit a home without other dogs. His breed makes him a very loyal companion. New owner would have to follow on with his training. We will keep you up to date with his progression. Adoption fee will apply. Please call Margaret (CAWI) on 0458461935.

Digger & Bella

Digger & Bella
Digger & BellaDiggerBella


I would like to introduce you to the two most loving dogs, Digger (Smithfield x Terrier) and Bella (Wolfhound x Dingo).  We are asking that they be rehomed together.  The only reason the current owner has surrendered them, after six years of having them, is that he has accepted a contract overseas for two years.  Although the owner could take the dogs with him, it is a very long and hard process with immigration to bring them back as they are in quarantine for a ridiculous amount of time and he doesn’t want to put them through it.  If you are interested in adopting these two dogs please contact CAWI on 0458 461 935.


Digger and Bella were rescued at the same time 6 years ago when they were puppies and have been together since then.   The reason the owner took both dogs was they were both being put down the same week.  He is extremely grateful that he took them and they came into my life. Bella has helped Digger, who was very scared, come along from when he was a puppy.  She taught him how to be a puppy and trust people. They are very loving and loyal both to each other so if you have the room in your life for two dogs the owner guarantees this would be the best experience you would have. Both dogs are so different, yet so loving and loyal. Bella is so active and has to do something every minute of the day. Digger will often go with her but loves to just sit around and be close to you.  They both love playing ball together and chasing each other.  They sleep right next to each other which is very very loving to watch and they never fight or argue over food or anything else. Digger will always tell you when someone is coming to your house with his distinctive bark and Bella stands with him wagging her tail. People know that it’s alright to come in the yard as they are both great with adults and kids. In fact both Digger and Bella are so great with kids they just love to follow them around. The owner guarantees once you have been with these two dogs for even a day, you will realise how loving and gentle they really are. Digger can be a little scared when he meets new people but once you’ve paid him some attention he turns into a different dog, just like a big loving Labrador who won’t leave you alone.  Both dogs are great with the commands sit and stay and are good when it comes to food.  It is very sad for me to let them go.  The owner said “I would take them overseas with me but it’s so hard when bringing them back and that’s the only reason I’ve come to this decision.  I only want to see them go to the perfect family and home.”


The owner describes the dogs saying “Digger has had a very hard life since he’s been a puppy due to being treated very badly by his original owners. I have had him now for six years and he is a changed dog. Digger is one of the most loving loyal dogs you will ever come across, he loves being close to people and just being around them. Digger has a very loving nature, is kind and loves cuddles.  He loves just being around someone that will give him special attention.  Once he meets someone he is very friendly and loving towards them. He loves being patted, a good game of ball, the beach and going for walks. He has been attacked twice by different dogs both times and had to have surgery and just barely pulled through. He is a little cautious when other dogs first come into his life as he has a fear that he is going to be attacked. The best way to describe him is he is a Labrador trapped in a Cattle dog’s body. When you get to know him he loves to give you a cuddle and loves to try and sit on your lap.


Bella is a princess and a very loving little girl who loves cuddles.  She is very active, loves playing ball, walking on the beach, going for walks, meeting people and just being out.  The best part of her day is going to the beach for a walk or just walking around on a lead around town.  She is house trained, very smart and intelligent and knows all commands. She is very affectionate and loves a scratch behind the ear and on her belly.  Bella barks when she wants to go outside and is very good with other dogs. If she sees a snake or anything she doesn’t know, she will bark very loud and try to protect you.  She has no road sense as she has always been brought up in a fenced yard although all around me is large acreage which she is fine with.”


If you are interested in meeting and adopting Digger and  Bella  please complete an Adoption Application form (found halfway down the Contact page of our website or pick one up from our Op Shop at Brunswick Heads. Please return forms by email to or in person at our Op Shop. Alternatively you can ring CAWI on 0458 461 935.