We are delighted to announce that gorgeous princess trouble-child; Coco the purebred German Shepherd pup has impressively completed her 5-week-trial-adoption and is settling in beautifully at her new home with James, mum and the family cat. Coco has been enjoying lots of play and heaps of runs on the beach.

Requisite to a successful adoption, James continued Coco’s training with the invaluable help of Coco’s foster carer Noel.

James and Coco are now ready to take advantage of a formal K9 training academy, with the intended outcome of Coco becoming James’s Assistance Dog.

Unending thanks must go to Noel, who fostered Coco for 4.5 months. The kindness and patience with Coco that Noel and his two side-kicks; Mojo the German Shepherd and Holly the Husky x Collie exhibited, as Coco systematically dug up all their garden beds, chewed the leather lounge, destroyed numerous CAWI beds and caused general havoc, was outstanding.

With the help of Mojo and Holly, Noel grounded Coco, socialised her well and trained her in many of the basics.

We’re so proud of you Coco – your now & future looks auspicious & rosy!

It’s been a joy supporting and being a part of your physical and psychological transformation 💛🐚

Yes, I’m looking at you. Yes, YOU! …
My ideal new companion.
You have a family? Fine, I’m down with that.
You have another dog? Kool, I love to play.
You want to continue my training? Perfect, I love that stuff.
Whoa! Don’t take your attention off me
Ring Shell NOW… 0458461935


Meet Coco, a purebred beautiful glamour-coat German Shepherd de-sexed female 9-month-old puppy.

Very friendly and sociable with other dogs – male and female, good with adults and children. She is highly intelligent, motivated and a super quick learner.

Coco needs a home with a high level of commitment to continue her training and socialisation for up to 18 months with ongoing exercise.

She is needy, requiring attention with both mental and physical stimulation. She loves being part of a family/pack.  Someone prepared to commit to all the above and give her what she needs will be rewarded with an exceptional dog and reliable friend who would enjoy competitive obedience or agility.

She is not a lounge around the house type as she is a highly active breed. She is not suitable for someone with little or no experience in dog care and training. Being a long-haired GSD, she will need regular grooming.

If you fit Coco’s prerequisites and would like to meet her, please call Shell from CAWI on 0458461935. $550 adoption fee applies.