Great news for our regal Anatolian Shepherd,  Chloe the colossal, who has finally met her next best-buddy in Scott. 

It was love at first sight with Chloe waltzing over to Scott and sitting her enormous frame at his feet (and against 1/2 of his torso 😀)

Scott offers Chloe best mate-ship, a rural property & surrounds to investigate, beach visits and ongoing fine-tuning of lifestyle & environs to suit Chloe’s needs. 

Thanks Scott! 

And colossal thanks to Rick, Chloe’s foster carer, who helped Chloe realise her full-self – learning to integrate with farm life and all the wonderful critters she assimilated with, played with and ended up caring for 🐈🐓🐐🐄🐖💛



Meet Chloe, a stunning 2-year-old female desexed Anatolian Shepherd.

Chloe’s family, which included 2 young children, have been reassigned overseas for work. Chloe needs a new home where she will bond closely with her owner(s) & be very loyal & affectionate. 

Anatolian Shepherds are intelligent but independent, require an assertive leader, endure both hot & cold weather extremes, are great at guarding/bonding with flock livestock, never over-eat & are proud & dependable without aggression. 

Chloe enjoys & will need at least one good walk a day. 

If you would like to enquire further about this regal girl, please phone Shell at CAWI on 0458461935